Travel To The Land Of The Living Skies: Where The Past Is Present

Where The Past Is Present

©2008Angie Haggstrom

If you are traveling in Saskatchewan on the #1 highway, chances are you will notice the town of Maple Creek and the nearby Cypress Hills. With only 2500 residents, it looks like any other small town in Saskatchewan at first glance. If you happen to talk to any of the locals, however, they will tell you there is just something about the place that keeps calling you back.

Maple Creek has all of the basic businesses and amenities as well as some of the things often reserved for larger centers including a specialty kitchen store, a gourmet coffee shop, and a large sports area. Historic buildings built in the early 1900s are sprinkled throughout town. If you take a closer look, the town motto Where The Past Is Present seems to make sense.

The streets are a mixture of Wrangler jeans and business suits. It is not out of the ordinary to see spurs and cowboy hats either. In fact, when you drive through town, you may even have to wait on a horse and rider to cross the street.

The Star Cafe looks like a fine dining establishment in any city, but if you look a little closer, you will notice something unique. Cowboy boots and a light western theme mix pleasantly with the white tablecloths and wine glasses that grace the tables.

The local residents really do add to the ambiance of Maple Creek. Even if you have never been here before, everyone you pass will smile, wave, and say hello as if you are an old friend. Several people who have moved to Maple Creek recently discovered the little town while on their way to other vacation destinations in Canada. ‘Maple Creek just kept calling us back,’ they say.

For most, visiting Maple Creek is like being away on vacation and in your hometown at the same time. Even those who grew up ‘Where The Past Is Present‘ can’t stay away forever. Whether you are here for an hour, a year, or are simply vacationing from the comfort of your couch, welcome to Saskatchewan, Canada, and welcome home.

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