Giant 28-Foot Turtle Takes Over Southwestern Manitoba

International Peace Gardens

©2008Angie Haggstrom

The first thing you notice when you arrive at Boissevain, Manitoba is Tommy. The giant turtle stands on his hind legs holding a Canadian flag in one ‘hand’ and an American flag in the other welcoming travelers to this picturesque little town. If you happen to travel into town, Boissevain displays its true colors, literally.

Many of the town’s shops and businesses have giant murals painted on the side of them. Each one of the twenty plus murals tell a segment of the region’s rich history. They are truly breath taking to look at and really enhance the appeal of the town. (Not to mention it is a great way to see artwork when you have a spouse or kids with that don’t particular enjoy that sort of activity!)

Close by, Deloraine is another great place to stop when traveling in Manitoba. Besides being one of the friendliest towns in Canada, the town has 193 flags from different countries around the world as well as the flags of the 13 provinces and territories.

While you are here, travel a short distance south to the International Peace Gardens. These extensive gardens are absolutely stunning! The gardens use more than 150 000 flowers to express a different idea surrounding world peace. The moment you arrive here, a quiet feeling of peace just seems to overtake you.

They also play host to the best summer music institution in the world. The International Music Camp gathers various music and dance groups hold a concert each week that is available to the public. The students and staff come from all over the world including world famous conductors and instructors. Traveling to the International Peace Gardens is one of the best cultural hubs in North America. ©2008 Angie Haggstrom

Welcome to Manitoba!

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