Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, And Black Island: Outdoor Adventures In Manitoba

Travel to Churchill and Northern Manitoba, Canada

Travel to Churchill and Northern Manitoba, Canada


Canada only has one place in the entire country that allows you to see uninhabited islands, beluga whales, and polar bears all in one trip. This place is also the only sub-Arctic seaport in the country. You can enjoy the Arctic tundra and tour the Eskimo Museum here before settling in for an amazing nighttime show staring Aurora Borealis. Do you know where you are?

If you guessed Northern Manitoba, Canada and the town of Churchill, you are right! This expansive region of Manitoba has a low population making it one of the wildest areas in the country that shows very little evidence of civilization outside of the small towns and villages.

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure flock to Churchill, Manitoba for its rugged terrain and unusual wildlife. During the months of October and November, travel tours in a specialized tundra vehicle give visitors the chance to watch polar bears on their way back to Hudson Bay for the winter. Travelers can also get a closer look at the incoming floe ice and beluga whales by renting a see through kayak or going snorkeling.

The beautiful Wapusk National Park of Canada is also nearby. The park is certainly beautiful, but it is also the largest polar bear maternity den sites in the world. This being said, it’s not the best place to hike through, but if you would like to see the park, Hudson Bay Helicopters are a fun way to enjoy the park at a safe distance.

The little village of Hecla Island and Grindstone National Park is a haven for travelers looking for a taste of the true Canadian wild. Walking and bike trails are available for those looking for a more structured tour of the area, but for more grass roots hikers, the uninhabited Black Island is fantastic. You can wander through the area for days and not see another human being. Golfing and world-class fishing is also available in the area. Before you leave the island, be sure to ask the locals about the many mystical stories involving subjects such as sunken ship that give an entertaining history of the area.

If you would like more information on travel in the area or any other location in Manitoba, visit Travel Manitoba at http://www.travelmanitoba.com/.

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  1. Its amazing how cute polar bears look in the wild
    however do not forget that these are wild very powerful animals and hunting machines that are also intuitively most protective of their cubs
    If you do go to churchill manitoba stay in the Tundra Buggy

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