Royal Tyrell Museum: World Famous Dinosaurs In Western Canada

Dinosaurs In Alberta, Canada

The Royal Tyrell Museum: Dinosaurs In Alberta, Canada

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Located in the Midland Provincial Park at Drumheller, Alberta Canada is Canada’s only exclusive paleontology research center. For anyone interested in dinosaurs, this is THE place to go! Fossils, full exhibits, and all sorts of programs and interactive activities keep visitors of all ages enthralled in this amazing museum.

The roads you travel to the museum are the start of your adventure. Amazing scenes, hoodoos, and kinds of interesting sights fill the prairie landscape. In fact, it is impossible to see everything in only one trip!

Once at the Royal Tyrell Museum, massive dinosaurs and a friendly staff are the first thing you will notice as you journey back into prehistoric times. Fun and informative interactive displays help to understand how the earth worked in its earliest days. The Cretaceous exhibits show you all sorts of dinosaurs and explain how these intriguing beasts lived more than 70 million years ago. (They look extremely real so the youngest visitors may get a bit scared.) Also, another exhibit shows you what the vegetation may have looked like during the days of the dinosaurs.

Other exhibits in the Tyrell Museum include a magnified look at life in the ancient oceans and aquatic life, the evolution of mammals, and the story of how humans come to inhabit North America. While you are here, you can also see paleontologists at work! If you would like a taste of what you will see at the museum, you can have a virtual tour of museum at

Rosedale Suspension Bridge In Drumheller, Alberta

Rosedale Suspension Bridge In Drumheller, Alberta

When you leave the Royal Tyrell Museum, be sure to tour Midland Provincial Park. The park is rich in prairie life and mining history. There is ‘The Midland Coal Mining Company Office’ and several hiking trails that showcase the best the region has to offer. Some of these trails even lead to real mines and displays to help you learn and experience the area. The many trails allow you to customize your tour of the area. There are so many here you could spend days seeing all there is to see here.

For other things to do in the area like the Rosedale Suspension Bridge and historic buildings in the area, see the Virtual Drumheller Website or the Drumheller Valley Interpretive Center in Drumheller, Alberta.

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