New Baby Giraffe Introduced to Calgary Zoo Visitors

*This is a video of the new baby giraffe at the San Francisco Zoo. Lots of great images and information!

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June 29th, 2008 brought a new life to the Calgary Zoo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada after a long 15 month pregnancy. One week later, on August 5th, loving mom Carrie and her beautiful unnamed daughter stepped out into the sunshine of their African Savannah side pen. Zookeepers will introduce them slowly to their herd to ensure that everything goes smoothly with a minimum amount of stress on the baby and the herd.

Fifteen-year-old Carrie is very loving and caring mother, but she is also very private and protective of her beautiful baby girl. The little unnamed calf is flourishing under her mother’s care and very curious about her new surroundings. She is the second calf born at the zoo, and with the string of unfortunate deaths the zoo has been experiencing, she is a welcome sight to all.

New animal babies are always good news, but for conservationists and animal experts, a new baby giraffe is very important. In the wild, giraffe numbers are continuing to dwindle, but the species is not endangered. Best of all, the baby giraffe isn’t the only new baby at the zoo. A one year old baby elephant named Malti and a three month old baby gorilla named Yewande are also residents of the Calgary Zoo.

The Calgary Zoo, which began in 1929, is the second largest zoo in Canada and features more than 1000 animals and approximately 290 different species. The entire zoo is divided up into a series of different ecosystems that allow you to travel the entire globe in one afternoon.

There is an Arctic and Antarctic exhibit complete with animals that are both alive and extinct including dinosaurs and penguins. Austrailia, Botanical Gardens, Eurasia, the Dorthy Harvie Conservatory, and the African sections include both indoor and outdoor exhibits that are complete with vegetation, animals, and climate that mimic the real locations. If bats and other nighttime creatures are your thing, be sure to check out the ‘Creatures of the Night’ exhibit. Be warned however, the reptile and nighttime exhibits aren’t the greatest places for those who are extremely squeamish.

Children and adults both love the zoo’s Primates exhibit. All sorts of primates can be seen playing and interacting in the exhibit. The Prehistoric Park is also another popular exhibit. The life-sized dinosaurs roam through a recreated ecosystem. Last but not least is the vast Canadian Wilds exhibit. Be sure to make note of the actual size of the elk, moose, and bears in the exhibit — Let’s just say that television is very deceiving.

The Calgary Zoo has a lot more to offer its visitors. With admission running between 8-18 dollars, the zoo is actually one of the most inexpensive ways to spend an afternoon. Pretty amazing considering the costs of running the zoo and caring for all the animals. The zoo also provides all kinds of interactive programs and educational activities that prove to be a valuable and memorable experience for all. Finally, the zoo also accommodates large groups and functions. They also have an “Osprey Cam” where you can see right into the bird’s nest. (The hatching video is FANTASTIC!)

If you fall in love with the zoo, consider sponsoring an animal or giving a donation for yourself or giving it as a gift to someone!

*NOTE: The Calgary Zoo is hoping to release a video of the giraffe’s birth online. If they do (and it is locatable), I will provide the video or at least a link so that you can also witness the birth!

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