Saskatchewan Culture at Its Best – FolkFest 2008


August 14 – 16 in Saskatoon is an amazing time in the city for young and old. The volunteer based event features a variety of displays, performances, food, and shopping from all over the world. Folkfest started in 1980 and has since grown into one of the best cultural events in Canada.

Twenty-five pavilions are set up in the city to showcase the various cultures that can be found in the city. Youth Ambassadors and Ambassadors welcome you to each miniature country. Visitors can hear the stories each culture prizes as well as music, traditional dances, and art. Best of all is the food. Trust me. You haven’t eaten cabbage rolls or perogies until you’ve tasted the real thing from the Ukrainian Pavillion. Just like grandma used to make! The Indian/Metis pavilion is a great place to gain an understanding of the history and traditions of the culture including traditional dances and costumes.

To attend the event, you simply purchase a passport that not only permits you entry into all of the pavilions in Folkfest, but it also provides you with free transportation. For anyone under the age of 12, the entire thing is free! For more information visit the Folkfest website!

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