Great Saskatchewan Oddities and Roadside Attractions

Anyone who travels through Saskatchewan will notice the many oddities and interesting things Saskatchewan residents like to honor. You all know what these are. These are the “World’s Biggest…” that everyone likes to get a picture of or at least you gawk at it as you go by. Some of these look so strange, you just have to stop to find out what it is.

Churchbridge decided to show the world how crazy we really could be and built the ‘World’s Biggest Loonie.’ In reality, it was constructed in order to honor Artist Rita Swanson who designed the 125th birthday coin.

They weren’t the only ones to honor a Canadian symbol. Moose Jaw has the ‘World’s Biggest Moose.’ Mac the Moose is 32′ long, 24′ wide, and 30′ high and is constructed of metal piping and metal mesh. He weighs approximately 10 tons. The town of Eston constructed an 8′ high statue of their favorite prairie resident from Tyndalstone. The World’s Biggest Gopher weighs approximately 3 000lbs and was made in honor of their annual Gopher Derby. The village of Sceptre has the tallest wheat plant in North America while Cabri has a goose with a 12′ wingspan, an 8′ high antelope, and 13′ wheat stocks.

The World’s Biggest Grasshopper can be found at Wilkie and measures 18’x6′ as a tribute to the people of the town. While Govan has the Whooping Crane and Kyle (not far from Cabri) has a big Wooly Mammoth, Porcupine Plain has, well, a porcupine. Quilly Willy (at the bottom of the page) is the town’s 13′ town mascot. Parkside has a Giant Red Lily that stands 26′ high and honors the man who developed the flower.

These might all seem quite normal, but just wait. Rocanville has the world’s largest Oil Can, diamond, and ball cap. Vonda, a small town of only 300 people has the world’s biggest still. That’s right. Moonshine. Cut Knife built the world’s largest Tomahawk in a teepee as a symbol of peace and unity with the aboriginals who live in the area. (It was built in the ’70s that should explain it.)

Now Davidson really got it right in1996 when they build the 24′ Coffee pot with a Cup. That’s my kinda town! The original idea was to portray the town’s friendliness and hospitality. Lancer has bunches of Chokecherries in honor of their annual Chokecherry Festival (Chokecherry jam is fantastic!) and Saint Isadore du Bellvue has a pea plant. Let’s not forget the world’s largest paper clip thanks to the guy who traded his paperclip on Ebay and eventually wound up with a house in Saskatchewan. (You can read the story at

What made me pull over was Macklin’s World’s Largest Bunnock. When you see it, you’ll get it.

To see the world’s largest Kielbassa (that’s a good one!) and other oddities in the Canadian Prairies, Visit CBC’s Blue Sky post or Tourism Saskatchewan.

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5 thoughts on “Great Saskatchewan Oddities and Roadside Attractions

  1. That kielbasa is just up the road from us, but I’ve not seen it. There’s a big pysanka in Vegreville (or easter egg as it’s known by the non-Ukrainian set).

    There’s a scale model of a Constitution class starship (same class as Enterprise NCC-1701) in Vulcan, AB that’s kind of cool.

    Down east, there’s a great big Canada goose in Wawa, Ont; Husky the Muskie lives in Kenora, Ont.

    Use to love those old litter cans in Manitoba. They were called “Orbit” and the signs invited you to “Put your trash into Orbit”.

    Getting back to big things in SK…what I would like to see is a great…big…BYPASS around Chamberlain. What’s with that anyway? Years have gone by since Hwy 11 was twinned and STILL there’s a bottleneck at Chamberlain.

  2. Thanks Rob,

    I actually forgot about Vulcan, but I’ve wrote down the ones you’ve added for future posts. I was originally going to include other provinces, but I found the list was getting pretty long, so I thought it best to divide into the three provinces.

    I had been driving through Chamberlain on a regular basis and it is the worst part of the entire drive. It is really nothing short of a nightmare. The drive between White City and Virden, MB wasn’t much better, although I understand it is now twinned to the Manitoba border. (It has been a while)

    I don’t know if you clicked the link for the Kielbasa that I found, but I couldn’t believe that someone had actually made the ‘world’s largest’ one of those. It definitely makes a ‘kodak moment’.

  3. I did click on the CBC link to see the pics of the Mundare sausage. I’ve heard of it and although Mundare is less than 30 minutes drive from here I just haven’t been compelled to drive over to see it in person. The one angle they have on the CBC site makes the thing look like…well, something else.

    Some school and kids’ sports team fundraisers around here involve selling Mundare sausage. We don’t eat meat at our house but, by all accounts, the Mundare sausage is very popular.

    I forgot to mention the UFO landing pad at St. Paul, Alberta; yet another road side oddity.

  4. I wasn’t aware of that! I’m going to have to look into the UFO landing pad that is exactly the kind of things I would like to bring attention to. You are a wealth of information!

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