Top UK Theme Parks: Let’s Explore!

I’ve received numerous questions about the UK theme parks I’d mentioned previously. And, since I’ve recently made the decision to move to the UK, I thought it would be fun to explore them a little more. I can hardly wait to try them myself! So, without further ado…

If you’re looking for a new sensation-packed stomping ground, the top family theme parks in the United Kingdom will not fail to delight. Whether you’re into thrilling rollercoasters or prefer to sample the nation’s premier haunted houses, the UK’s best parks have something to offer everyone.

Here is a list of the UK’s theme park leaders:

Pepsi Max Big One at Pleasure Beach Blackpool(credit)

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The One Thing Saskatchewan Doesn’t Have

Rollercoasters and Other Fun RidesHave you ever been to Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, England? Well, if you haven’t, you should definitely check out this theme park in the UK. Of all the theme parks I’ve seen in the UK, this one would definitely top my list of spots to see on a holiday. It’s packed full of rides, all kinds of shows to see, great places to eat and grab something to drink including the treats that theme parks are known for. Then, there’s an awesome hotel to stay in right there.

Cool right? Well, Saskatchewan doesn’t have any amusement parks or theme parks…not permanent ones anyway. I’m not sure why, but I’m thinking that I’d have a pretty good idea after trying to get my skin unstuck from the metal roller-coaster after a ride at -40 during a snowstorm would tell me.

We do get rides, but for those, you’ll want to attend Agribition in Regina or one of the local rodeos or stampedes. That doesn’t mean we don’t have any fun rides though.

Kenosee Superslides Waterpark

Instead of the Infusion or the Avalanche roller-coaster in the UK, which do look like tons of fun, you’ll find Twister, Bonzai, and Kids slides at Kenosee Superslides Waterpark. (You’ll find this exciting place close to Carlyle in Southeastern Saskatchewan). Anyway, tons of fun things to do here too, even if you aren’t quite that adventurous.

There’s tubing and the ‘Lazy Canal’ as well as shopping at the clothing store, sports such as volleyball, and all kinds of special events. Then, you can grab something to eat while you’re there, or enjoy some of the other local attractions in the area including the Bear Claw Casino and all of the events and activities hosted there.

Sundance Hot Air Balloon Rides

There’s absolutely no better way to see the beauty of Saskatchewan than from the calm, drifting serenity of a famous Sundance Hot Air Balloon. For around an hour, you can see the best of Saskatchewan from a 1000 feet in the air. There’s no dealing with busy airports, gates, or trying to sit comfortably in the middle seat. You’ll also enjoy the immense peace and quiet of this form of air travel as well.

Sundance offers ride in the morning, the afternoon, and at sunset through most of the year, so you can go when it works best from you. You’ll also want to make sure that you remember your camera so that you can preserve this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Horse Drawn Sleigh and Carriage Rides in Beautiful Saskatoon

If you like a touch of the old, a horse and carriage (or sleigh ride) around Saskatoon’s Spadina Crescent is perfect. You’ll enjoy a slow and relaxing tour of the city’s best areas just as Saskatchewan pioneers would have a hundred or more years ago. You can even havea fire and warm up to end your trip off nicely. It’s certainly romantic and the kids will love it. Regardless who you bring along, it will be one of those activities you’ll never forget. Mmmm roasted marshmallows. Anyone else craving marshmallows? Now where was I? Oh yeah…

Sadly, Saskatchewan doesn’t have any full-time theme parks like the UK, but the rides it does have are just as special. Try them out for yourself and see.

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Welcome To Corner Gas And The Imaginary Town Of Dog River…AKA Rouleau, Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan - The Home Of 'Corner Gas' and Dog River

Saskatchewan - The Home Of 'Corner Gas' and Dog River


For anyone who has seen the television show, a visit to the set of ‘Corner Gas’ is a must see attraction when traveling through Saskatchewan, Canada. Located in the town of Rouleau, the entire set as well as their production studio Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios where the comedy team films its indoor scenes.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Corner Gas is, it is a hilarious comedy series that airs on CTV and the Comedy Network about life in the small town of ‘Dog River’. Former topics included the tearing down of a barn and the burning down of a profitable corn stand. Doesn’t sound funny? Normally you wouldn’t think so, however, the cast of Corner Gas can definitely pull it off.

The stories surround Corner Gas owner ‘Brent’ played by Brent Butt, and the ‘Ruby’ café owned by ‘Lacey’ played by Gabrielle Miller. Other places and characters include his best bud ‘Hank’ played by Fred Ewanuick, gas station employee ‘Wanda’ played by Nancy Robertson, miss-matched police officers ‘Davis’ and ‘Karen’ played by Lorne Cardinal and Tara Spencer-Nairn. Special guests to the show have included Prime Minister Steven Harper and CTV’s Canada AM anchors Beverly Thompson and Seamus O’Regan.

During the tour, you have access to the entire set unless the cast is filming. In that case, you miss seeing that particular part of the set, but maybe you’ll get to meet the stars! You are almost guaranteed to meet Josh Strait who plays ‘Josh the Cook’ on Corner Gas and helps with the tours.

Tours of the set and production studio offered by CNT Tours are a bit pricey, but worth every penny. The entire tour lasts for approximately four and a half hours. They also pick you up, drop you off at one of two pickup points in Regina, and also have a choice of hotel packages to save you some cash.

There are many other things to do in Regina as well. The same company that offers the Corner Gas Tours also offers a Ghost Tour of Regina where you get to see Regina’s best sites in the dark and hear the local folklore. The RCMP Heritage Center is located on the original RCMP Training Academy Grounds and tells the story of law enforcement from the start of the Mounties to the present day. There is also a casino, a concert theater featuring the Regina Symphony Orchestra, hayrides, and many more attractions.

For more information, visit the Tourism Regina site or keep your eye out here for future travel tips about this fun-filled area of Saskatchewan! Additional information on Corner Gas can be found on a blog by darylwaynejosephlorette.

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