An Interesting Post on “Top 10 Reasons to Live in Saskatchewan”

You all may enjoy this interesting post on reasons to live in Saskatchewan. While many of them are made in jest, some of them bring up some interesting points. For instance, our economy and housing market is booming here, but one can’t help but wonder what will happen when the world comes crashing down and Saskatchewan moves back into the territory of “have-not.”

Our Alberta counterparts have been the unfortunate victims of an economy that grew far too fast and too large. Thousands of people moved to the province with a promise of higher paying jobs and the chance to live the Canadian dream only to find that rent is hitting $1000 a month or more if you are lucky to find one.

With the introduction of new fees and the promise of future environmental measures, gas and oil companies clawed back their operations putting many families out of work. Many Albertans have lost their homes as a result and are unsure of where to turn. The government doesn’t seem to be jumping up with any immediate solutions.

Will the Saskatchewan government learn from these mistakes and put solutions into place? We can only brace ourselves, grit out teeth, and wait.

On the bright side, you have to admit that “Buying a huge John Deere mower makes sense” does cause a few entertaining ideas to cross your mind.

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