Alberta Travel Plans Fit for the Stars: Hollywood’s Top Alberta Scenes

Visit Famous Hollywood Movie Sets In Alberta, Canada

Visit Famous Hollywood Movie Sets In Alberta, Canada

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Have you ever seen a setting so beautiful you felt inspired and uplifted? If you have, you aren’t the only one. The same scenes that inspire you are the same ones that have attracted Hollywood’s producers and big name stars like Brad Pitt and Heath Ledger. Several areas in Alberta have been the backdrop for Hollywood movies and once you see them for yourself, you will easily see why.

The city of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada has been a popular place for stars like Robin Williams and LL Cool J. Both stars stayed in the local Ramada Inn while filming their movies “RV” and “Rollerball.” In fact, Robin Williams enjoyed eating at one of the local Mexican restaurants known as “El Comal” and biked through Henderson Park.

If you drive just outside of Lethbridge to Monarch, you might recognize the area as the background for the chase between the ‘Big Rolling Turd’ and the Gornicke’s bus. While Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, between Lethbridge and Milk River, was one of the main locations of the “RV” movie. You need a guide to see this area, but it is well worth it! The cast and crew as we as the ‘Munros’ enjoyed eating and staying right in Milk River.

Movies have gained a unique Canadian touch in the little town of Fort Macleod. “Brokeback Mountain” (See Below) and “Passchendaele” have used the historic main street of this sweet little town to its fullest advantage. The Red Coat Inn was the place of choice for the cast and crew. Southwest of Claresholm, a short drive away, is the Hart family land. You do need permission to enter, but once inside, you will quickly feel like you are in the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ movie. The land and cabin here were the centre of the storyline surrounding Alma and Ennis.

Brooks was also popular with movie stars and crew. Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood stayed in the Heritage Inn and Convention Center while on set for “Unforgiven” and Robin Williams stayed at the Heritage Inn and Suites and enjoyed eating at O’Sheas. “Texas Rangers” was filmed not far from the city of Brooks, Alberta.

Calgary’s Heritage Park and its operational steam engine were used as a set for “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Redford.” Another area just west of the city also has a history with filmmakers. Highway 1 heading to Banff has been very popular with Hollywood. More than 40 movies have used this area including “Shanghai Noon,” “Legends of the Fall,” Open Range,” and “Lonesome Dove.”

The Badlands of Drumheller and Horseshoe Canyon were used for several scenes in “Unforgiven.” Many areas surrounding Drumheller were used in movies. Midland Provincial Park was used in the movie “Roughing It,” the local golf and country club was used in the movie “Where the Dinosaurs Roam,” and East Coulee was used for movies such as “You Know My Name,” “Dino Sapien TV,” and “Children of Fortune.”

There are many more locations and movie sets in Alberta. This beautiful province is what fairy tales are made from. Travel to Alberta to see for yourself!

*More information on locations used for the movie “Brokeback Mountain” visit

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