The Most Haunted Places In the Canadian Prairies You Can Tour

Haunted Places in Canada

Haunted Places in Canada


Who knew the Canadian prairies were so scary! Other places have cemeteries, scary houses on a hill, or buildings that others have created to be scary. Not in the prairies though. Nope. No way! The number of real ghosts, ghost trains, and even haunted hotels will leave you with goose bumps. Here is a very short list of some of the scariest places in the country.


Fort Gary Hotel in Winnipeg

How about a night in the beautiful Fort Gary Hotel? To drive up on this beautiful hotel, you would never know its dark secret. Room 202 is the scariest room in the hotel. As the local legend goes, a couple had been staying in the room. The husband had gone out for the day leaving the woman behind. He died in a car accident and his wife was so distraught she hung herself in the closet. Many say that she can frequently be seen in the corner crying, has asked hotel staff to get her a drink in the bar, and some of the staff has even seen blood running down the wall. Famous figures and staff have had things come flying off the shelves and one woman noticed someone get into bed and lay beside her.

Several other places in Manitoba are haunted. A little girl haunts St. Ignatius School today. She died after falling of the rings in the playground. Many say that when you go on the red rings, you can feel little hands trying to pull you off. Even places like the Ruckers on Regent Ave can be a terrifying experience.


St. Louis, Saskatchewan

Just outside of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is the little village of St. Louis. Although the town is friendly during the day, the night brings an eerie feeling across the little town. If you look closely, you will notice what looks like a path where railroad tracks once laid. There is a reason they are no longer there! A terrible accident in the area’s history killed a family. The engineer involved in the death of the family became so overran with guilt he killed himself. A train derailment that occurred here as well killed one of the workmen. Today, they say you can now see the engineer and sometimes the workman walking down the tracks with a light. Others say a ghost train still comes through the area.

Weyburn, the home of one of the cruelest mental institutions in the country’s history, has a place of darkness of its own. Many say voices can be heard in the dense trees surrounding the institution that is still in use today. The top floor of the building has been closed off for years, but cries, footsteps, and a ghostly figure have been noticed there.


Banff Springs Hotel

This is one of the most haunted hotels on the planet. Room 873 has since been covered in, but if you look closely, you can find it. The story says that a family was brutally murdered in the room. This was bad enough, but when the staff went to clean the room, they discovered that they couldn’t get the little girl’s fingerprints off the mirror. The noticed other eerie things in the room as well and became so scared they finally blocked off the room.

A set of stairs in the hotel have also been closed in. In this instance, a bride accidentally touched her dress to a candle on the stairs. When her gown burst into flames she panicked, fell down the stairs, and broke her neck. Stories say that she is frequently seen walking through the hotel.

These are just a select few of the haunted places in the Canadian prairies. Some places have only had scary occurrences, but some of these locations have extremely terrifying and tragic stories behind them. So if you are a believer, come out and see for yourself. If you don’t believe in ghosts, the Canadian prairies may just convince you otherwise! If you would like to see a complete list, Shadowlands Haunted Places has a rather comprehensive list of creepy Canadian places to explore.

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